Tourist bike route

Drawing up and marking routes.

This phase of the project will be implemented on the basis of jointly created work methodology. At this stage shall be made: control work - field (using an individual topographic maps at a scale of 1:50 000. Experts will work on the design of the routes which will connect places with special qualities: cultural, natural and landscape in the area of Polish and Belarusian border), site inspection  - in this case, the experts will cover the marked out route and verify the initial course of cycling routes. Experts' work at this stage is to mark on the topographical base and give geographical coordinates of the location places and type of marking on the route, the location of information boards and parking spaces. During this stage, the experts will gather additional information needed to create a tourist guide and map.

The next step in the implementation of this task is to organize and systematize the materials that will be used for marking routes, creating information boards, writing the guide, issuing tourist maps and the location of parking spaces.

Agreements with the managers and owners of the land will be the next stage. During this stage of the work Partners in official letters will ask the relevant institutions, local government units, districts with a request for authorization to carry out a bicycle route, mark out the routes, locate the information boards and parking spaces. The final stage of this task will be marking out routes, installation of information boards, parking, perform small jobs such as footbridges, base courses and rails.

As a result, in accordance with the objectives of the project there are to be marked out new cycling routes 600 km in length (including.: 400 km on the Polish side and 200 km on the Belarusian side)

Mapa z wyznaczonymi trasami rowerowymi, wraz z oznaczonymi
walorami przyrodniczymi


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