Meeting with project partners

May 16, 2012, in building of the State School of Higher Education of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska in Senate Hall there was a meeting of representatives of the Partner realizing the project "Bicycle route – following the Nadbużańskie region mysteries" with representatives of the District Office in Biała Podlaska : the head of the Bialski Poviat - Tadeusz Łazowski, Bożena Kaliszuk - Director of the Development and Promotion of the District Office and representatives of the Municipal Office of Biała Podlaska, namely: Maciej Buczyński – the Head of Strategy and Development Department, and Michał Romanowski - Inspector of the Strategy and Development.

The meeting was devoted to presentation of the objectives, assumptions concerning the project.   Effects resulting from the implementation the project "Bicycle route – following the Nadbużańskie region mysteries" in Biała Podlaska were presented. The schedule of activities that are associated with the project implementation such as: marking out the bicycle routes in the project area was presented in a very precise way.

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